About Us

Local Ireland is the promotional brand of  the Regional Newspapers and Printers Association of Ireland (RNPAI) which was incorporated as a Friendly Society in 2008 and represents the amalgamation of the former Provincial Newspapers Association of Ireland (formed in 1919) and the Irish Master Printers Association.

With a membership of 35 companies, Local Ireland ( RNPAI) represents its member titles and printing companies on all relevant national bodies including Press Council, Advertising Standards Association of Ireland (ASA), Institute of Advertising Practitioners of Ireland (IAPI), IBEC, FáS, Joint Industry Committee (JIC), Print and Packaging Forum. The RNPAI also represents its members on public policy issues.  The association was an integral player in social partnership and has been a negotiating body in all collective national pay negotiations since their inception.

Local press has been serving communities in Ireland for over 150 years, with many members of Local Ireland (RNPAI) being in existence for even longer periods. The role of local press hasn’t changed since the first regional title in Ireland, the Limerick Chronicle was launched in 1766, that is to accurately and impartially record the news of the local community and to reflect the ethos, concerns and ambitions of the communities they serve.

But regional newspapers are about more than just news delivery. They lead their communities on issues of local importance. They invigorate and facilitate debate on important community issues. They campaign, accurately reflect local feelings, concerns and earnestly strive to impartially inform their respective communities.

A special bond exists between the newspaper and the community which is unrivalled by any other media. This unique bond provides an opportunity for local businesses to advertise their products and services within their market area in a cost effective manner.