New research confirms unique role of local newspapers in communities

An omnipoll survey commissioned by the Regional Newspapers and Printers Association of Ireland (RNPAI) and conducted by IPSOS/MRBI across the 26 counties in September 2011 reveals that regional ‘paid for’ newspapers are still highly valued by readers

Given the recent economic downturn RNAPI newspaper members were keen to understand whether their titles were still delivering what their readers want and the overwhelming answer is YES!

Here are the highlights from the research. These are also powerful reasons why national and local advertising continues to work effectively for advertisers:

  • Penetration - local press continues to enjoy the highest level of rural readership penetration of any print media in Ireland
  • Regular Purchase - 76% of households buy a local newspaper at least once a month
  • Value for money - 77% of readers believe that the price of their paper offers good value for money (Click Here)
  • Time spent reading
    • almost two thirds or 63% of people spend over 30 minutes reading their local paper with the average overall being 69 minutes (Click here)
    • 93% of household keep their local newspaper for 2 days or more and 43% for 6 days or more (Click here)
  • Trust - the research shows that buyers of local papers who also have ‘free’ newspapers available to them are significantly more likely to trust their local ‘paid for’ newspaper (Click here)
  • Advertising - 4 out of 5 people agreed that their local newspaper is the best source of advertising information (Click here)
  • Great local content - the research asked people to rank subjects and content in order of importance : (Click here)
    • 85% of people felt that the Classified Section was very important
    • Entertainment is top of the agenda for 18-24 yr olds with 90% thinking important
    • General local news, Parish notes and Local Authority Reporting and Advertising all scored over 75%

(Profile of Purchasers - Click here)